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What RWPR achieved in Q4 - 2018

Goodbye 2018...

Goodbye 2018

Hey peeps,

Rochelle here and as you might have gathered I love writing the company updates. Not because the agency is my name and business, I simply enjoy sharing what we have achieved. I am one hundo a proud parent and this is my baby (I am not actually a real parent yet, but you know what I mean) haha.

What a bloody year it's been…. I welcomed 2018 with open arms and an open mind and it resulted being great for us. I am blown away at how fast the year came and went. It only seems like the other day I was writing a blog about what the agency achieved in 2017.

Let me take you through our 2018 journey:

After the 2018 New Year, I sat back and really thought about what I wanted this agency to achieve for that year. I knew that I wanted to do more and although 2017 was pretty good, I was hungry for bigger and better.

One of the biggest things I decided to do was take a step back from focusing so much on social media and influencer/ blogger marketing. In the age where social media is such a big driver for brands and businesses it was something I wanted to do. We live in a world where everyone is fascinated (at the minute) with influencers, bloggers, vloggers and celebs. With so many people and businesses focusing more on numbers (for example; number of likes, followers, comments, views etc the list goes on) than content and the person they might be wanting to work with, we knew that this could potentially have an impact on overall marketing strategies. But, with the level of influencer influence slowly decreasing and consumer confidence slowly beginning to slip with all the #ads #spons #paidcollabs hitting their feeds, it was a risk worth taking. I wanted to see what impact it would have on us as a business as well as clients.

While some of our clients still wanted to continue working with the above, we worked closely with them to create a better way to maximise the collaborations. This has resulted in better content, coverage and brand awareness. The clients who decided to stop all activity weren't disappointed in results that we achieve for them (woo hoo).

Back to the agency, with all that in mind, the results (for us as an agency) were pretty surprising.

I can't even lie, I was once obsessed too (shame to admit it) with the gram and the numbers game. I would look at other agencies with thousands of followers, impressive feeds, shit loads of press coverage and new client wins constantly and start to panic. I would think…

"ahhh... I need to be like this"

"I need to have and be showing all the clients we are winning as an agency"

"I need to be showing all the press coverage we are gaining"

Yep, the list goes on. But, if I am honest I think I was blinded by the usual social media trappings and got blinded by the gram. Deep down, that is not what I am about personally and definitely not something I wanted the agency to be. It was also clear to me that there is more to life and business than social media, the number of followers you have and showing all the press and clients wins.

So, I made a conscious decision to basically let it go! Yep, I let go of all the doubts, worries and social media perception and just go with the flow. I chose to not have a strict social media strategy for the agency and just post when we had something to say and share. It took the pressure off trying to have this perfect social media feed and curated content just to be like everyone else. With many social channels changing algorithms, reach and engagement I just didn’t see the point of focusing all our time and energy on it. Besides, we had clients to look after which was more important than our own social media and self praise.

I also decided to focus on self and staff development. This included building better relationships within our RWPR family aka clients, journalist friends and network. Just making that choice made the start of the year much better.

We started to see coverage we secured in monthlies come through; we welcomed new clients and took on our first intern. With a steady stream of pr coming through we starting to hit our agency hit list of publications - it was a good positive feeling.

Towards the middle of the year we were delight to find out that two of our clients got shortlisted for various awards (result). The awards were 'Free from skincare awards', the ‘Beauty awards 2018 for Psychologies Magazine’ and the last one ‘Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2018 - hosted by Mumii’.

Award wins and shortlists

As you can imagine we were buzzing but so were our clients, for one of them they had never entered let alone won an award before. We represented our clients on consumer and testing days and made sure that we were fully clued up to be the best representation for each of our clients. Speak to customers directly and gaining feedback on our clients was insightful for not only us, but the brands. When the results came out, we were happy to find out that our clients had each walked away with awards and in some cases two awards.

A huge achievement for our clients and us as an agency.

But the good news didn’t stop there, we had secured (by that time) over 22 pieces of coverage for one client in just two months and they had seen a strong ROI!

"Thanks to Roch and her team, our business has seen such growth within 8 months we have worked with her and the team. July has 100% been our best month in 2018.

Roch has helped us with so much, her knowledge on retail, pr, marketing and social media has helped us build a stronger brand and awareness.

She has been such a good investment to us as a business and we can't THANK her and the team enough"

Kids Kargo

Of course, we can never guarantee results in such a short amount of time, but it is nice to know that all our hard work started to show. We couldn’t have asked first half of the year.

By the time September rolled around we had already secured clients in upcoming monthly 2018 Christmas gift guides, we had launched a client to the US market (East and West Coast), collaborated with brands such as Snowbombing, House of Vans and ASOS and even helped a few brands secured retailers and stockist. We had secured over 155 pieces of coverage across the board which was a big increase from the 89 we secured for the whole of 2017.

Around this time we welcomed the lovely Amy Williams MBE to the RWPR family which I was so excited about. I had met Amy the previous year at the White Valley Co press trip and just loved her vibes. I had always kept in contact with her and was so happy that we welcomed her to the agency.

Amy Williams MBE

The team and I were working hard to push the last few months of the year with ‘Black Friday’, ‘Cyber Monday’ and ‘Christmas’ all around the corner. We also had the Mother and Baby Awards 2019 happening before Christmas, so it was all very full on.

Then in a blink of eye… 2019 was officially here.

Hello 2019

2018 saw us secured in total 278 pieces of press coverage, launch in the US market place, see award wins for our clients and increase brand awareness for all clients, the results spoke for themselves.

I couldn’t be happier with how the year turned out.

So on that note, myself and team would just like to thank all our clients for being loyal and letting us help grow their businesses and brand.

A special THANK YOU to Paige, Katy and Sadie - I couldn’t have done it without all your help.

Also, thank you too all our friends, followers, networks and more. Without you guys we wouldn’t be where we are and wouldn’t have been able to achieve what we have.

Who knows what we will achieve in this year, but we are ready for the ride...

Love Roch xxx

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