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What RWPR achieved in Q3

Hi guys,

Rochelle here, I am jumping on the company blog to update you all on what has been going on here at the RWPR HQ! Stepping into the final quarter of 2018....

Oh hey.... Quarter 4

I always feel this is something I like to write personally. I must sound like a broken record, but this year, has been a fun, crazy, scary, stressful rollercoaster ride (yes, that means a lot of ups and downs). I have learnt so much since the start of the year and I am still learning now. Everyday I am growing as a business owner and working on bigger plans for 2019.

I very rarely take a step back and actually look at what we have achieved for clients, let alone as a business. I wonder why that is… however, that thought is for another time and another blog.

Anyway, what can I say; it has been another great quarter here for us at RWPR (with a few stresses along the way). The girls and I have been working hard on various projects, campaign photoshoots, product launches, PR press placements, events and more. We have also achieved press in new publications (ones we haven't placed in before) and helped clients reach a few mile stones, which is not only a win for them but also for us as an agency.

If you read our Q2 blog you would have seen our client Kids Kargo, was shortlisted at this years ‘Best Baby and Toddler Gear Awards 2018’ hosted by Mumii, which was a huge achievement for them. So, we were absolutely over the moon when it was announced at the start of September that Kids Kargo had won two awards in both the categories that they were entered in.

Kids Kargo - Bronze Award Win

Kids Kargo Bronze Win

This is their first ever award win and for a small family run company it was a huge achievement. Then hot off the heels of that we also got the news that they had been shortlisted at this years Mother and Baby Awards 2019. It is such a nice feeling to know that we have helped them achieved this. Their overall brand awareness and sales have massively improved since we started working with them.

Kids Kargo Shortlisted for Mother & Baby Award

Sometimes, it is really hard to quantify PR as it is not tangible, and many people assume that because they are paying you, that a ROI is going to happen straight away. We say it all the time, but PR is a long term investment and we are proud of everything we have achieved for clients and to the amazing ones who have stuck with us. We have loved creating and executing bespoke campaigns on their behalf and working with them on PR angles and stories.

We have been working with one of our beauty salon clients Bodilight on two amazing campaigns, which will be in collaboration with a former Britain’s Next Top Model contestant and an up and coming professional sports women.

Our babes House of Voga had a successful launch in the US back in July. Coordinating this from U.K was not only challenging (a fun challenge) and a little stressful (time difference and all), it was a great success.

From New York publications heading to our pop press event, to visiting a few magazine head offices over there, to a successful launch in LA, it ended up with a VOGA session on Venice Beach with House of Vans - it was amazing.

Not only that we had the girls doing a pop sessions with the ASOS team (check them out on the ASOS Activewear instastory highlight). They also ran Summer brunch sessions with Barrio Bars and The Boathouse , finishing off with the Ibiza VOGA retreat (this month)- safe to stay it has been a busy one. VOGA was also featured in the Madonna Special of Fabulous magazine which was a lovely feature and the girls over at that magazine loved it.

Fabulous Magazine - Madonna special

Fabulous Magazine - Madonna special Fit Bit

We also welcomed the lovely Amy Williams to the RWPR family. I first met Amy back in December 2017 at The White Valley Co press trip and just loved her, her story and meeting baby Oscar. Fast forward to September 2018 and we have welcomed her to our little family – yay!

Amy Williams MBE

Then to top all that off, my interview with my friend and babe Fiona (owner of She Can. She Did) went LIVE…ahhh. Now, let me just be clear this is properly going to be the most honest interview you will get from me… Fi you got an exclusive!

I was hesitant to do this, but with the encouragement of business mentors, friends and family, I took a step out of my comfort zone and done it. Now, you might not know this, but I like to be a private person and don’t like putting myself out there (personally or professionally). So, this was big step.

Anyway, I am very proud of this interview and got so many lovely emails, DMs, follows on the gram, comments and adds on LinkedIn. I can't lie, I got a shit load of CVs in my inbox from people who wanted to come and work with me and the agency – I was so touched, slightly overwhelmed and shocked that it even had that much of an influence and impact on some of the people who read it.

This made me really aware of the impact a business owner (putting themselves out there) can do for business. It also made me realise that I liked telling my story and sharing my experience. So, after much talks with my mentors and team, I am working on a creative PR and marketing plan for 2019 for myself and business. As much as we work hard for our clients, we have lacked on our PR and marketing (should I even admit this as an agency and business owner – you have to laugh right). 2019 we are coming for you!

Final thought (let's get all Jerry Springer now)… In this quarter there have been so many achievements for clients and us as a business - we haven't mentioned them all as this would be extra long, but there was also some great learning experiences.

Reading back through what the agency has achieved in the past quarters (check out Q1 and Q2 blogs) it is something that I am extremely proud of. We have said ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ to clients, we have learnt the services that we do well, ones we want to add and ones that we have decided to drop. We have experienced rude clients, the non payers and the ones who want instant results in a blink of an eye.

However, all of this has made me a better business owner and decision maker. I am much more confident in what I want this agency to be and all of this has helped us as an agency refine our processes and work flow - so thank you! I am lucky enough that we are still new, finding our feet and really defining who we are and what we stand for. There will always be ups and downs, people/ businesses out there that won't like what you do or will just bad mouth you because it makes them feel better (maybe). I think most businesses go through this in someway shape or form. I don’t take it personally (not anymore), I just move on, learn and grow.

I am lucky enough to have such a good team around me that consist of family, friends, mentors and importantly the RWPR girls who work hard for clients and the agency. Without them RWPR wouldn’t be where it is today or we wouldn’t be growing and achieving what we have.

Heading into Q4 (the last push for 2018), is again one that I am looking forward too. We have been working behind the scenes with a fitness brand on a great campaign that will launch in 2019, beauty campaigns, press trips, events and the Ibiza VOGA retreat - there is no rest for the wicked.

Sneak Peek - up and coming national fitness campaign

Just beauty babes

Shout out to the girls for all their efforts and hard work they have put in this year (Q1, Q2 and Q3). One last push now heading into Q4 and towards the end of 2018.

If you would like to find out more about us and what we do or maybe join the RWPR family, email Katy on: We are always up for a chat and some cake.

Until next time peeps, have a good one.

Roch xxx