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What RWPR achieved in Q1 & Q2 2019

Wow, how is it the middle of 2019 already.

Seriously, time has flown by to the point that we have had to combined both quarters into one blog.

So, a lot has been happening here since the start of 2019. We have continued to work with our current clients as well as take on some new ones and short term projects. One of our local clients Bodilight Beauty Clinic has been seen in some amazing national titles like Fabulous Magazine (The Sun Sunday supplement), Women's Health and Glamour to name a few. They have been showcasing their expertise within beauty, laser and waxing - Hello the now famous 'Love Island High-land' ♥️🌴.

We have helped all clients grace the pages of titles such as: GQ, The List, Glamour, Pretty 52 and BarberNV to name a few. We have also worked on pop events and collaborations with other brands, press trips, launches and retreats abroad. We were also lucky to enough to be appointed the PR partner for London based health, wellness and beauty event The Bloom Show, that took place at London Olympia in July.

A snippet of coverage we have got clients throughout the first six months

Becoming the PR partner for The Bloom show was a big deal for us and something that we were very excited about. We helped drive their brand awareness through the use of PR and influencer/ brand collaborations. It was a great success and was great to work with such a well-known up and coming London based event.

With all we have achieved for clients, we can not forget our own success. Since October 2018, we have been supported and powered up by the Natwest Accelerator program, which has been great. It has not only helped us identify areas we needed to work on, it has also helped us understand who we are as a business, where we are going and most importantly who we are as a brand.

Proud to be supported and powered up by The Natwest Accelerator program since 2018

Rochelle has been featured across numerous media outlets giving her expert views and thoughts on PR, celeb and royal fashion, trends and TV. Not only do we have strong relationships with various journalists and publications, Rochelle is becoming a go too for her PR and fashion expertise, which we are very lucky to benefit from. As we are still a small agency who have to compete with many bigger names in the game, it is nice that we are starting to be known for what we do and do well.

With all of that in mind, the past six months have been very insightful for us. We have learnt who we are as a business, what we are becoming as a brand and how we are going to move forward.

Rochelle (our founder and creative director) has had a real insight to where the agency needs to be heading into 2020 and into our fifth year in business. It is very easy for us to focus on clients and deliver results for them, but we need to also invest in ourselves and the brand we are building.

You will start to see small changes over the coming months, with us redefining what we offer and do - it's all very exciting. From starting out as a freelancing business to evolving into an agency things are different, the industry is different, Rochelle is different and we need to adapt to that.

We are looking forward to the next six months and what we have planned and hope that you stick with us for the ride.

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