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Welcome to the world of RWPR...#RWPRDiary

Updated: Jul 10, 2018

With a new website comes a new blog and that would be this...although we don’t want to call it a blog, why? Because we just wanna be different. So, welcome to our diary.

For our first entry we sit down with director and owner Rochelle to find more about Rochelle White PR and how it started.

Hey Rochelle, so how did your agency start? What’s your story?

Hey guys! Well it all started back in 2015 while working full time. I decided to start freelancing as I wasn’t fully fulfilled in the role I was doing. I started working with two of my friends. One owned a barbering academy and the other a beauty salon. They wanted to launch their social media and marketing campaigns on and offline, and i thought, this would be great experience to add to my CV. I love the barbering and beauty industries, so doing this never really felt like work. While working with them I set up a freelance Twitter and Instagram account and posted on them (but, not often enough at all).

Then in the October, I got my first fashion client and then I started to put more time and effort into building the Rochelle White PR brand. Due to this, and the mini success coming from launching the mobile barbering academy at Salon International 2015 to building awareness on both clients social media channels. I knew that this was right. I put more time into building my freelance socials and portfolio. Fast forward to September 2016 and I made the decision to make the agency my full time job... and here it is!

Amazing... so what made you choose your name for the agency and the sectors you specialise in?

Simple, I wanted the agency to be an extension of me and what I like. I didn’t want to have a gimmicky name that I would want to change further down the line, or have something with no meaning. I just went with me – I don’t think you can get bored of your name (or can you? Haha). I also wanted to utilise the skills I have and within the industries I loved which is fashion, beauty, male grooming, tattoos and lifestyle brands. It was easy for me to define my industries, as I am qualified in hair, beauty, barbering and I am a qualified fashion stylist as well as loving the art of tattooing.

Wow, that’s impressive! What do you think makes your agency slightly different to others?

To be honest, all PR agencies are all the same, but the exception is how we build our relationships and the activities we offer.

I think what makes the agency different is the fact that I am not only qualified in the areas that we work in, but have also have had ‘hands on experience’ from working in-house in salons, running a small beauty business, working on editorial Lookbooks and working client-side in an agency. It has provided me with a great insight to areas that some might not have. I think that is what our clients love about us. We know our s***!

How would you describe your agency?

We are VERY talkative (ask anyone who works with us), passionate, creative, professional, fun and slightly loud. I guess we’re laidback but keep it real all at the same time – if that’s possible. We don’t BS or say we can do something when we can’t. It is all about getting the best out of us and that is by working together. We’re not trying to be or copy other agencies out there; all we want to do is carve our own path.

What has the agency achieved so far... what’s next?

I think that we have achieved a lot, in a short space of time for a small and very new agency. From client rebrands, to growing social media for clients, celebrity collections/ collaborations, press events and national coverage, I feel when you are a new agency, it’s all about proving your worth and what you can do. At this moment in time, we are busy in the HQ working on various projects and securing some great coverage. I think that heading into 2018; the agency will be getting better known and will be making some positive moves in our industries. All I know is that I am excited to see where the road leads...

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Laters xxxx