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Happy New Year from team RWPR.....

We want to start off by wishing all you lovely lot a ‘Happy New Year’! How excited are we for 2018. But, before we get ahead of ourselves we wanted to reflect on our 2017....

Well, what a 2017 we had, it consisted of a lot of ups and downs plus very mixed emotions. We've learnt lessons, had our eyes opened, achieved a lot, cried a lot, laughed a lot and grown a little more creativity crazy and loud (if possible). This in return has made us ready to take on 2018 bigger and better than before.

This is a snippet of what we achieved in 2017:


Pieces of press coverage in various national titles including monthlies, weeklies and online


Blogger and influencer collaborations


Networking events - many new connections made -yay us!


TV appearances for clients - did someone say product placements


Press events - press (launch events) and blogger shopping/ hangout events


Radio shows - local and regional


New team members - our little RWPR family are growing


Workshops run


Owner Interviews


Celebrity collaborations - fashion and events


Press trip - we boarded in Morzine

New logo, website and branding

Some of you might not think that is a lot, but we don't care. We're here celebrating each and every success we have achieved. For an agency that is small and started off as a one man band, we have done alright - don't be a player hater!

2017 was a real mix of the good, the bad and the ugly, but that made us take some time out and re-evaluate business goals. Last year provided us with a great insight to what we can do bigger and better. It also helped us to identify who we are as an agency and our brand. Like most people and yes agencies, we made mistakes – we hold our hands up to them, but we have also learned from them.

This year we’re doing things differently and really letting our personality out of the bag. We’re really excited to be growing the team, clients, campaigns and more.

We won’t keep looking back or dwelling on the past, it’s time to move onwards and upwards and do more.

Thanks to all our amazing clients, all the new connections and friends we’ve made and also to the small but amazing team here at RWPR – let’s do this 2018.

If you want to see more or find out where our clients featured, drop us an email and we happliy send over our ever growing portfolio of coverage .

Don't forget to keep up with all our activity over on Instagram and Twitter: @rochellewhitepr and join the pr rebel-ution - keeping shit real since 2015!

Team RWPR xxx